Senior Capstone:


Through your eyes only


Nún is a popup shop dedicated to educating consumers about skincare through the 10-step Korean skincare routine. 


For many people, skin imperfections are a source of stress and insecurities. Anyone who has experienced this knows that skin is unpredictable and difficult to work with. You’re essentially fighting with your own body. Nún allows a way to for you to help ease the difficulties with skin through maintenance education and product recommendation. Nún is a popup workshop focused on helping people learn to care for their skin, whether or not they are facing skin troubles. The 10-step Korean skincare routine is tedious, but acts more as an outline of how you should be caring for your skin. With Nún, the consumer can learn about their own skincare routine that works for them. 

Through out the workshop are stations dedicated to these steps within the routine, educating about the process and product recommendations. Visitors are welcomed with a brochure outlining the routine steps as well as tips and general information that the user can benefit from so they can get one step closer to a more beautiful complexion.

About the space

Dedicated Stations For Product Testing:


When trying out new skin care products, it's essential to test out the products cautiously to ensure that you're not going to irritate your face, contributing to the problems you're trying to combat. Nún stresses this idea by allowing stations for visitors to get to know their skin through learning about and trying out products

The physical workshop includes test stations dedicated to each step of the skincare routine. The stations focus on showcasing different products appropriate for the consumer’s skin and concerns and how to use them. The vinyl labels on the tile floor act as a wayfinding system for the consumers to navigate between the different steps. 

Take-Home Brochure:

A 10-step skincare routine sounds very intimidating at first, but it’s easy once the steps are simplified. 

Visitors are welcomed with an introductory brochure to the 10-step skincare routine. One side is dedicated to each of the steps of the routine, along with explanations and tips, whereas the content on the other side is dedicated to the introduction and more general information that the visitor could benefit from knowing.


Curated Skincare Line package design

Poster designed for presenting this capstone