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NDA clearance:

Because of NDA's, most of the work that I rolled out with Microsoft at POSSIBLE is material that I am not allowed to exhibit until release of the product so this page will be updated to include only launched projects.


Xbox HMC.png

Help Me Choose is a tool launched by Xbox to help direct consumers to the most fitting console according to their gaming habits and needs. During the 2017 Holiday season, our strategy team's research concluded that most consumers want to buy the newly released Xbox One X console because it was the "latest and greatest" and saw the One S as the inferior console. However Microsoft was aiming to still sell more One S consoles, which leads to the Help Me Choose tool.

The quiz asks the users questions such as who will be playing, how many games they buy in a year, what their gaming priorities are, etc. 

My tasks included but were not limited to:

  • Wireframing mobile and desktop iterations

  • Comparative and competitive audits of similar tools to understand best practices

  • Point assignment and question weight for console results