Analog Bookstore Concept


Warning: Large File


I first started out wondering what the overall bookstore experience was like, and how a customer would go through the events. This warranted an experience map to understand what the process is like and how the user feels throughout the trip.

On separate occasions, I went to different bookstores to interview others about their bookstore experiences. I asked questions about demographics, why they went to the bookstores, why they chose the bookstores, and other questions pertaining to their experiences and how they make it a worthwhile trip. I took different patterns from the notes, such as a knowledgeable staff, convenient location, child friendly atmosphere, along with other themes. With the survey results, I was able to create a persona of who my ideal consumers would be for my bookstore concept.


Analysis of other businesses:

Seattle has many other proud independent bookstores. And to stand out from the crowd, I conducted an analysis on the different businesses, especially the websites to see what was and wasn't working. In particular, a cookbook store in the area called Book Larder was especially helpful as it created a distinct brand for the company that was approachable and made sense for the subject. 


Brand Wheel

Afterwards, I decided I wanted to create a fantastical dreamy atmosphere that was unapologetically feminine. The feelings that I was trying to evoke were centered within the brand wheel, as well as associated terms.



The illustrations were probably my favorite part of the project as it allowed me to work in detail and utilize a specific illustration style. I worked with storyboards and different concept illustrations.

This first storyboard demonstrates the experience that I wanted a visitor (specifically a child) to have. I wanted them to have a sense of wonder and excitement with the interior of the store. 

With the project, we also had the option to create an animation for a final product, and were required to create a storyboard to demonstrate what the animation would be showing. Ideally, the animation would be like an advertisement that gives the viewer a story to follow along with. I like my storyboards to be very focused on the user so I wanted to make mine about a small girl who catches a glimpse of the bookstore through the window and then enchanted to come inside and experience the wonderment for herself. 

Brand Identity

Website Execution

The final part of the project was to execute a website the properly demonstrated our brand and bookstore concept. I wanted it to be, as Justin Hamacher says "60% adult and 40% child" where I was trying to include elements of a childlike aesthetic that would still draw the interest of a child, while still remaining completely usable by an adult. I used hand drawn illustrations to create a delicate and ethereal feel to bring the interior of the bookstore to the layout of the website. 

Mockup to give a more realistic approach of what the website would look like