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Hi, I’m Jane. Nice to meet you!

I'm a recent graduate from the University of Washington with a Bachelor's of Design, with a focus on User Experience/Interaction Design and a minor in Japanese.  I'm passionate about telling stories through visualizations and solving different problems through interdisciplinary methods to create a unique, holistic solution. With that, I also love experimenting and creating experiences that leave impressions on my audiences.

Or if you'd prefer a more professional summary:

I'm a UX and visual designer with experience in both digital and printer mediums. I graduated with a Bachelor's of Design with a focus on UX/Interaction Design from the University of Washington. I have worked in a multitude of environments from small design firms, chaotic startups, remote, and offices with 200+ individuals. I'm currently  a UX designer at Microsoft's 365 Dynamics for Talent team working in a fast-paced, sprint-based environment delivering accessible, compliant software to enterprise companies. I am skilled in Sketch, Adobe CC software, Principle, Figma, and Flinto to name a few, but I am always willing to use something new.  

Status: Looking for opportunities!


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Instagram: @janeyuary


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